>Freecode_ at Network Music Festival

Freecode consists of four West Midlands-based artists: Alan Brooker (Laternist), Antonio Roberts (hellocatfood), Leon Trimble (Chromatouch) and Jim Warrier (Minuek), combining diverse backgrounds in visual arts, VJing, glitch aesthetics and computer programming. The collective was formed in early 2011 through a shared desire to explore their interest in live, coded performance that places equal importance on both the audio and visual aspects

Freecode’s networked performances are immersive experiences that combine hacked electronics, custom programmed software, wireless controllers, projection-mapped generative images and digitally created sounds. The interaction between the performers is just as important as the results however and what makes Freecode exciting is the live sharing of data, sound and images between ourselves during our performances pushing notions of improvisation in the digital realm


Freecode at Netowork Music Festival


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