GLI.TC/H 20111 Birmingham


For a week in October 2010 the first GLI.TC/H event took place at venues across Chicago, IL. The event was one of the first of its kind to celebrate glitch art and and saw the coming together of glitch artists from around the world to experience gallery installations, performances and film screenings.

In 2011 the event expanded to also include Amsterdam, NL and Birmingham. With support from Arts Council England, Birmingham City University, VIVID and fizzPOP I curated the Birmingham event on November 19th 2011.

The event included workshops, presentations, film screenings and performances by artists from national and international artists

Glitch Birmingham 40

Performance by Jon Satrom. Photo by Pete Ashton

Glitch Birmingham 01

Circuit-bending workshop by Nikki Pugh. Photo by Pete Ashton



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