Upcoming Algoraves, June – August 2017

I’ll be performing at a number of Algoraves this Summer, and rather than make posts for each one here’s a list of ones happening between June – August:

Supersonic Festival, 16th June

Supersonic Festival is back in Birmingham after a one-year break and I’m curating and performing at it’s first Algorave. Alongside Mothwasp the Algorave will feature a collaboration between Heavy Lifting and Blood Sport with me on visuals, BITLIP, and Miri Kat.

BUMP, 23rd June

BUMP is a one-day design conference taking place in Kortrijk, Belgium. The lineup features speakers including Moon Ribas and Alex McLean amongst many others. Myself, Yaxu, and Algobabez will be providing algorithmic beats and visuals at the afterparty at De Kreun Rooftop.

bluedot festival, 9th July

After an amazing first appearance at bluedot in 2016, Algorave will be back at bluedot festival in Greater Manchester on 9th July. The lineup includes myself on visuals, with Coral Manton, Calum Gunn, Anny, Belisha Beacon, Canute, and Miri Kat.

Green Man festival, 19th August

Algorave will be making its first appearance at Einstein’s Garden at Green Man festival in Abergavenny, Wales. Lineup includes Qirky, Joanne, littlelifeform, Yaxu, and Chez.io.

If you wanna keep up with what I’m doing be sure to check out my events page or follow my Tweets.

Algorave Nottingham, 12th February

On 12th February I’ll be on visuals duty for an Algorave taking place at Rough Trade in Nottingham as part of the Festival of Science and Curiosity

“The scene at an algorave is often what you’d expect from any good techno night – a dark room, engaging visuals, a decent, bass-heavy speaker set-up, and lots of people ready to dance… performers at algoraves respond to each other and the audience in real time, often projecting the lines of code onto the walls as they type. It’s coding as improvisation and experiment…” – The Wire magazine

Reaching over 40 cities over the past couple of years, Algorave is an “algorithmic rave”, where music and visuals come from code, constructed before your eyes. Originally coined in Nottingham, Algorave returns after 6 years, replenished and resplendent with a roster of exciting new algorithmic performances.

The event, running from 15:00 – 21:00, will feature Calum Gunn, ALGOBABEZ, Anny, Belisha Beacon, Heavy Lifting, Qirky and Littlelifeform, with myself and Rumble-San on visuals.

Tickets are only £5. Y’all can read an interview with anny if you need further convincing that Algoraves are awesome

Algorave Birmingham, 3rd December

On 3rd December I’ll be curating and performing at the Algorave at Vivid Projects.

Algorave Birmingham

An Algorave is a party where electronic music is generated live from algorithms. The word was coined around 2012, initially as a joke, but has since taken hold with Algoraves taking place in over 40 cities around the world.

At an Algorave the creation of algorithms are brought into the experience of the music itself. This is done using specially made “Live Coding” environments such as SuperCollider, TidalCycles, Gibber, ixi lang and Extempore. This processed opened up by projecting the code on screens around the venue, so audience members can see how the music they hear is being made. This is often complimented by algorithmically generated visuals projected alongside the code.

The Birmingham Algorave will feature a diverse range of artists from across the country performing noise, rave, electronic and glitch audio.

The event will feature Canute, Algobabez, and Charles Celeste Hutchins on audio and Coral Manton, Ryan Hughes, hellocatfood (y’know, me) on live visuals. This will be complimented with a video installation featuring work by Ryan Hughes, RITUALS, Chez.io, Sam Wray, Dario Villaneuva, Sarah Walden, cappel:nord, and catweasel.

Algorave Birmingham runs from 19:30 to 23:00 on Saturday 3rd December. Tickets are only £5 plus booking fee (more on the door). Get yours now!

Algorave @ Ravensbourne, 6th May

On 6th May I’ll be back in London for visuals duties at Algorave @ Ravensbourne.


On Friday, May 6th 2016 from 6-11pm Ravensbourne’s new BA Design & Coding course is happy to sponsor the first Algorave@Rave, an audiovisual concert featuring live performers from across the world who elevate coding to an art.

Experimental, algorithm-aided, genre-misled, live-coded sound and visuals from the future coming to life before your eyes; bleeps, crashes, warts and all. Algorave is punk music of the next generation.

The lineup includes RGGTRN, Sam Aaron, Alexandra Cárdenas, Canute and Benoit and the Mandelbrots.

Tickets are just £3.50 and can be bought from here.

Algorave Leeds, 29th April

On 29th April I’ll be back up north ( <3 ) to join some of my favourite people for an Algorave in Leeds. leedsalgoapril

On visuals will be Rituals, hellocatfood (that’s me!), Chez.io and providing audio will be Alexandra Cardenas, Anny, Belisha Beacon, Foxdot, Joanne, Reggaetron, Sam Aaron, Uiaesk!,Yaxu with more to be announced

Hosted by the Open Data Institute Leeds and part of Leeds Digital Festival 2016. Tickets are on sale now and cost £6/£4.

Thoughts on live coding visuals in Pure Data

I took part in Algorave in Gateshead on 26th April. Apart from being incredibly awesome it was my first time live coding – or rather live patching – visuals in Pure Data from scratch. I emphasise from scratch because nearly all of my performances involve me modifying patches, but never starting with a completely blank canvas. I also occasionally used the HSS3jb as a texture for objects, but never on its own. It’s also great for when crashes occur, which is/was often ;-). Here’s a few sampels of my visuals. Videos by Mariam Rezaei:

I learnt a few things about Pure Data that night, and my general opinion is that it isn’t that great as a live coding visuals tool.

One of first issues is encapsulation of objects. This can be done quite easily but it’s a manual process which would involve cutting all cords and reconstructuring a patch. That is, you would have to cut the selection of objects, paste them into a sub patch and then reattatch it. By way of comparison, Max/MSP has this as a feature already, whereas this isn’t mentioned at all on the bug tracker Feature request is now on the bug tracker. Not being able to auto encapsulate objects makes reuse a bit more difficult and cumbersome, which resulted in some really messy patches from me on the night.

Algorave patches

This also relates to another issue of object insertion. When I was building my patches I would often have to preempt what I would need. I nearly always started with [gemhead]-[translateXYZ]-[rotateXYZ]-[repeat 10]-[rotateXYZ]-[translateXYZ]-[color]-[cube]. Inserting any additional objects required me to cut the cord and therefore the screen output. This would be solved if there were, for example, a method whereby if two objects were selected, the next object was inserted in between them. This is obviously an over-simplified specific use case which would need more thought behind it. Again, no mention of it on the bug tracker. Feature request is now on the bug tracker.

There were other thoughts I had on the night, such as the incosistencies and clumsiness of using the [repeat] object, the lack of a snap-to-grid option for aligning objects, the tiny size of inlets and outlets – even when the ojbects themselves may be huge, which is only exaggerated when using a 13″ 1080p screen, and the lack of a toolbar (yes, I am aware of GUI plugins), but these are the two which I felt would’ve helped me most.

Has much else been written about the use of Pure Data for live coding visuals?