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Also, sorry if I’ve broken anyones rss feeds or links by changing the blog address!

Blue Remembered Hills

Copyright Crescent Theatre 2008

This deceptively simple tale relates the activities of seven English children played by adults on a summer afternoon during World War II.

On Saturday I went to see the matinée performance of Blue Remembered Hills. It really was a great tale and despite the actors obviously not being children they really did capture the childishness, wonder and imagination of children. Watching it made me realise that at one point I used to run around pretending that I’d been hit by imaginary bullets and that I’d often get lost in a world of my own.

Although I am biased, being a member of the theatre and all, I do really recommend seeing more of their productions. Of the few that I’ve seen they’re all well produced and make imaginative use of the space. All this from an ammature theatre company!

Flying Start

Flying Start

Here’s a image from a workshop I delivered as part of a group on the topic of Culture in relation to Birmingham. It was a big project, so we decided to collaborate online, which proved very useful!

Flying Start is now over and, due to a lack of funding, looks like it will completely end after five years 🙁 It’s a real shame that funding has affected what is quite an essential course for budding community artists. The only other one I’ve seen is one at Staffordshire University but, unlike Flying Start, you have to pay for it.

The course has been of great benefit to me! Prior to it I had just graduated and had only done a bit of work in schools thanks to the Student Associates Scheme. Thanks to the course I now feel a lot more prepared to work in schools and the community on small and big projects!

Also, for all you budding workshops deliverers, here’s a useful pdf booklet about delivering workshops