iPod Linux

iPod Linux, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

I’ve been further experimenting with gadgets! This time I’m trying to get iPod Linux onto my iPod (who woulda thunk it!).

I’m trying to get it to work so that I can install pdPod (based on PureData (a derivative of Max/MSP)) on it. To see what it’s capable of take a look at this youtube video. I’m hoping to use this in conjunction with LSDJ for something.

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New Chip Tune – Dolphins

Project planning can get really tiresome and boring, so I spent the bulk of my evening learning how to use LSDJ better, with help from a tutorial on 8BitCollective. Here are the results:


I’m having a few problems with the volume at the mo. You can probably hear a very quiet noise in the background, and I have no idea how to turn it up… yet.

More to come

My first chiptune

I made this quite awhile ago on Trippy H, but only now found the damn cables to show y’all.


It’s essentially just a loop, but that’s one of the limitations of Trippy H. My cart flasher should be arriving tomorrow so I’ll start making actual songs from then.

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Gameboy Video

Now that I have the Gameboy Camera and Printer, LSDJ and will soon have the Transferer and 32M Cartridges I’m hoping to make something like this

One thing I also really like is this dance piece:

I would’ve like to have seen the dancers incorporate more erratic movement and even some sort of costumes (Princess Peach and Mario perhaps), but overall I think it shows that Gameboy Music isn’t just for the hobbyist

The Institute of Psychoplasmics

The Institute of Psychoplasmics presents an offsite evening of live art. I’ll be taking part in it with the Insectoid crew!:

Empire and Daughter Isotope + Insectoid (offsite performance event)

A one off performance by Tai Shani featuring epic prog band Guapo and electroclash diva Angie Reed. Cannibalizing pulp film and fiction through black magic cult rituals, a mini mouse anti-sacrifice of twelve virgins is crowned by five tableaux of notorious Satanist Anton Lavey posing in nudist magazine Jaybird.

Insectoid’s hive colonise the stage and perform their own entomological rites, exploring insect behaviour to produce exoskeletal sounds.

8 May doors at 20:00, performance starts 20:30

Shoreditch Town Hall,
380 Old st.
London EC1V 9LP

Tickets are £4 advance, £5 on the door and are available from The Pump House or via PayPal payment to psychoplasmics@yahoo.co.uk

Come along to it, even if you’re not in the London area!

WordPress Theme Development

I’ve finally updated to WordPress 2.5. Great looking interface!

On a similar note I’ve finally decided that I’m going to develop my own WordPress theme. Although I have a bit of knowledge when it comes to CSS and PHP I’m not really clued up on the structure of WordPress, so have always avoided it. Here are my efforts as of today:

Progress screenshot

The overall idea is to create a WordPress theme that is better suited to a portfolio website than a blog. In the long term I want to be able to have different layouts that are more typical of portfolio websites and also allow integration with Gallery2, which itself will have a modified display to suit portfolio websites.

That is, unless anyone can recommend an existing theme?


These last three months have been the most exciting, scary and interesting months of the last few years. I’ve gone from being a student who was shoved out into the real world only to be unemployed for six months to now having steady income, lots of interesting friends and a load of upcoming interesting projects.

But at what price?

I feel my artwork has really suffered recently. I haven’t done any new work in about a month and I feel bad for that. Sure, my computer did delete all 25 of my unfinished projects, but these were mostly old projects.

I’m glad that my current style of artwork is taking off rapidly, but I need time to develop my skills, explore new territory and plan where I want to go in the future. It’s really hard to do this when I’m spending a lot of my time trying to keep up with the blogscene, attending an endless amonut of meetings and gallery openings or simply doing anything but art.


Within the coming week I think I’m gonna be off the Internet more and indulging in art a lot more. Expect the Projects page to actually have some noteworthy content on it as well!