Halftone Portrait

Here’s the last in my daily pictures for this week. I’ve a busy weekend of parties and more parties, so I’ll do a whole week of drawing another week.

I’ve spent most of my day feeling a little bit ill and learning how to use Blender, so this is more of an experiment than anything. I used a tutorial by istarlome to create this. I found that if you check the Colour option under the Trace tab it will attempt to colour the image as well. Using Inkscape to create halftones could well be a powerful way to do it and gives you many options for editing and customisation.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this week of pictures!

Another Tree

I missed yesterdays image, so here it is today. I could’ve shown it last night but it just looked terrible, so thought I’d do some more on it first.

I think I like trees, especially judging by the number of trees in my sketchbook!

Still got another one to do today, and then I’ll call it quits

Penguin for the winter

A little something for you guys for the winter

I’m currently pursuing other things, like invigilating at the Heard and Not Seen exhibition amongst other stuff, which I’ll be sure to let you in on in due course 😉

I’m gonna try and do a vector drawing every day this week. We’ll see how this pans out, though I think it could go well as this only took 30 mins to do.

Crescent Theatre are now Blogging!

After over a year of talks with the Crescent Theatre I’ve finally got them blogging. Ok, that is a slight exaggeration as they have set up WordPress and Blogger blogs before, but now they have one central blog which benefits from traffic from the main website as well as from services such as Google Blogsearch.

I also hooked the theatre up to Twitter. Since Twitter was forced to change how it operated in the UK many potential opportunities are going to be missed. Still, it’s up there to serve as an alert of new blog posts. Maybe there are other ways in which it can be used?

They also now have a page on Facebook. There is already a group for this on Facebook, and members do sometimes create the events themselves, but this’ll now serve as a prime location for everything Crescent Theatre related on Facebook. Also note that the blog posts are automatically imported into the page. There is a danger of just producing echo, but this’ll attract Facebook users to the website and blog.

All of this effort will give the theatre a more transparent feel and let the public Get Closer To The Performance!

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School

Tonight I, along with fellow arty bloggers Alex and Shona, were at Dr Sketchty’s Anti Art School in Birmingham. Don’t know what it is? The blurb form the official website tells more:

We combed New York to find the most beautiful burlesque dancers, the most bizarre circus freaks, and the most rippling hunks of man. Then, every other Saturday, we let you draw them for three hours. Interspersed with posing are comedy skits and ridiculous drawing contests (best left handed drawing? Best incorporation of a woodland animal?) where you can win booze or prizes

I was a bit apprehensive at first about going: I’d never done any life drawing before and as most of my work is now digital I hadn’t picked up a pencil in ages! I was also worried that I’d look like a complete n00b in front of pros!

All-in-all this it was probably the most fun I’ve had drawing in a long time! The different levels of skill and the overall emphasis on fun made it a very relaxed atmosphere. Here’s my drawings:

Each model held two poses, each for 10 minutes, except for the last two who held one pose for about 20 minutes. I’m definitely going to work back into these images as I think they have a lot of potential!

Open Source Art

Although I’ve ordered a copy of FLOSS+Art, made by the excellent OSP I’m compiling my own thoughts on the concept of Open Source Art. You can view my progress on my wiki. I’m relatively new to using MediaWiki, having only previously used PBWiki, so once I have gotten my head around it more please do feel free to add or edit what I have written. I’m treating the writing of this document as an open source project in itself 😉