Mixed Material

I Am Sitting In A Room and Interpretations of Reality are being shown at Mixed Material, which is a week-long showcase of experimental Black artists from across the UK. If you didn’t catch these at GLI.TC/H in Chicago come on down!

My Art School's better than yours


1st-5th November 2010, opening night November 1st from 18:30. More details here on FB‘s


Fabrika Independent Arts Centre, Humberstone Gate Leicester, United Kingdom [map]

Graffiti Analysis at Inside Out

For Inside Out Festival on 24th September I demoed Evan Roth’s Graffiti Analysis software. The hoardings outside Friction Arts’ building have just been dying to be tagged, so I felt this software would give the opportunity to do so, but in a very safe method.

You can see some still shots here on Flickr and even download the tags for your own viewing pleasure. For this there were a few tasks to overcome. The Graffiti Analysis capture and playback software has reached version 3, but only for Mac’s (at the moment). Version 2, which is available for Windows and Linux is still very capable. However, for Linux, the files created in the capture application don’t work with the playback application. They create their own .graf files and the playback application can only handle .gml files. d’oh! Luckily I was able to enlist the skills of the ever talented Andrew Thomas, who created a Processing script that converts between the two files (tested on version 1.1). You can download this and try it for yourself. It hasn’t failed me so far!

Click to download the sketch

Click to download the sketch

As I was using this rather tricky technique of capturing the light I had to strap a few lights to a glove to ensure enough light was emitted and captured. I highly recommend that you try this for yourself, with or without a real pen 😉

GLI.TC/H Screening 01

Tonight sees I Am Sitting In A Room being screened as part of GLI.TC/H. After a Panel Discussion at 4pm at SAIC Flaxman Theatre we move onto Transistor for the screening, starting at 8pm. You’re definitely in for a treat from some of the best benders, moshers, glitchers and [insert glitch sub-genre here]. Check the schedule for more awesome events

The gallery exhibition opening at Roxaboxen was a huge success. Glitches are clearly hot right now. The Interpretations of Reality glitch zines went down well, but through getting them reproduced at FedEx I started gathering ideas and thoughts about the copy effect, whereby noise artifacts appear as you begin to make copies of copies. I will definitely be exploring this idea at a later date.