GLI.TC/H at Flip Festival

GLI.TC/H presents screenings of corrupted, glitched and damaged videos as a preview of GLI.TC/H 2011 at Flip Festival in Wolverhampton, UK on 29th October. This free screening will take place at 9:30pm in the Atrium of Lighthouse Media Centre (FB event link)

Featuring videos from the likes of idrioema, a.billmiller, minuek, KOKOFREAKBEAN, and more!

Established in 2004 Flip is an eclectic mix of all things animation. Based in the heart of the Midlands the festival provides a wide range of experiences from educational workshops for young people to experimental animation for grown ups; from industry led panels to feature film screenings and from international showcases and retrospectives of short films to spotlights on animation studios.

GLI.TC/H will be coming to Birmingham, UK, on November 19th! Look out for more news soon!

Alvin Lucier: A Celebration

In Middletown, Connecticut between November 4th-6th? Alvin Lucier: A Celebration, is taking place at Wesleyan University’s Center for the Arts. I Am Sitting in a Room, along with other videos that respond to Lucier’s work of same name, will be screening at the Ezra and Cecile Zilkha Gallery.


This festival, in recognition of Alvin Lucier’s 80th birthday, will include an exhibition, symposium, films and a series of four concerts. The symposium will bring together key composers, musicians and writers to discuss Mr. Lucier’s work and influence.


Alvin Lucier (and His Artist Friends) is a broad overview of the composer’s distinguished career over nearly six decades. This exhibition will explore the nature of Mr. Lucier’s engagement with artists such as John Cage, Sol LeWitt, John Ashbery, Italo Calvino and Lee Lozano. Related works by some of these figures will be juxtaposed with the compositions they inspired. The exhibition will also make the first in-depth exploration of the broad influence of Mr. Lucier’s work I Am Sitting in a Room (1970). Nearly two dozen audio presentations of his compositions, along with a number of performance videos and an interview with Robert Ashley will be featured. Numerous notated and text-based scores, a select group of artifacts from earlier performances, and an extensive variety of archival memorabilia documenting Mr. Lucier’s career to date will be on display. An installation version of Mr. Lucier’s Chambers (1968) realized as a tribute by former students and colleagues will complete the exhibition.

More information on their website or on FB

Birmingham Zine Festival at Supersonic 2011

In addition to whatever else I do with the time instead of sleeping/eating I also help to organise Birmingham Zine Festival. It started in 2010 as the result of people who make – or in my case, read – zines coming together with a few ideas. We had our second festival in June 2011, which was really well attended and was great fun all around!

Birmingham Zine Festival Zine Fair

Supersonic Festival has invited Birmingham Zine Festival to hold an exhibition and stalls of zines and artwork at their festival this year. For this we invited some of our favourite small press publishers from the previous festivals including Adam Cadwell, Carla Smith, Lizz Lunney, Catherine Elms, Dina Kelberman, Joe List and many more.

There’ll also be a screening of ‘$100 and a t-shirt’, Joe Biel’s documentary exploring the thoughts and experiences of zine-makers in North America, and a panel discussion – from A to Zine – Featuring Alex Zamora of Fever Zine, Nic Bullen, formerly of Napalm Death and Charlie Woolley. The panel will discuss the history of zines, their inspirations and the resurgence of zine culture.

If you haven’t done so already, get your tickets for the festival! We’ll be there on Friday and Saturday all day. Come and say hi! Bring cake 😛

Tune In

For my final piece for my studies in Digital Arts in Performance at Birmingham City University I collaborated with Alex Botten (aka Thee Moths (RIP)) on a performance piece called Tune In.

(there’s also a performance video of it)

Without revealing too much here, the piece is a trip through memory lane and nostalgia in a world that is moving from analogue to digital.

All of the concepts behind the piece can be explored through the blog that I kept during the development of the piece and also through this video where I explain much of it all in a roundabout way:

It’s definitely a concept that I’ll be revisiting in future works!

Meatfeast – Self-inflicted Haircut

The video for Self-Inflicted Haircut by Meatfeast is now online!

Guess which parts I provided…

For this video I utilised the What Glitch? scripts (specifically the pcx script) and Joe Friedl‘s – (aka grampajoe) Autodatamosh Perl script.

You can buy Meatfeast’s EP, Hands Like Claws, on Amazon or listen to it on good ol’ Spotify.

Interview with Imperica – Celebrating Imperfection

I was interviewed by Imperica recently about GLI.TC/H coming to Birmingham.

Caca on Imperica

For the viewer, appreciating Glitch art inevitably depends on the form that the work takes, and an understanding of the work not being “broken” but a new construction in itself. Glitched artwork “… can be beautiful, but it can also be chaotically noisy. It isn’t just an hour of TV static or hard noise. They have a narrative; they tell a story in some way. I want the viewer to see the value in things that are corrupted, bent, and broken.”

Go read it now!

GLI.TC/H comes to the world on the following dates:

  • Chicago_USA: Nov 4-6 2011
  • Amsterdam_NL: Nov 11-12 2011
  • Birmingham_UK: Nov 19 2011