Bus Tops

Please excuse the delay in alerting you about Bus Tops. I’ve been away in Brussels attending the Libre Graphics Research Unit‘s Co-Position meeting, for which there will be a writeup of shortly 😉

A team of artists in London have worked awesomely hard to bring you the greatest thing to happen to the top of bus stops. Evar! Bus-Tops brings still and animated art to the top of 30 bus stops around London. This video best explains what it’s all about:

For the last half of February these screens will feature glitch art works by myself and others, chosen by D0DD, administrator of the Glitches group on Flickr. Others featured include Glitch-Irion, Stallio, Pixel Noizz, Notendo, Bit-Synthesis and Gridworks1. Below is one of the works – Jumper – created for this project, juxtaposed with the original

If you’re able to capture any images of any of the works in action I know we’d be happy to see them!

Libre Graphics Research Unit – Co-Position meeting

I’ll be in Brussels from 22nd – 25th February for the Libre Graphics Research Unit Co-Position meeting.

The Co-position research meeting focuses on digital tools for arranging texts and other graphic elements: How can we re-imagine lay-out from scratch? What tools do we need to support decentralized collaboration? How can we understand what workflows, distributions of work and media are coded into our tools? Can we bring canvas editing, dynamic lay-outs, web-to-print and Print On Demand together in more interesting ways? What kind of messages do we propagate and how does this change the tools we need?

I’ll be taking part in two of the sessions:

Wednesday 22nd February: Visual Versioning

I’ll be doing a brief presentation of my work – focussing more on the open source software side of things – somewhere between 19:30 and 22:00

Saturday 25th February: Prototypes

I’ll be part of a roundtable discussion, chaired by Angela Plohman and featuring myself and Stephanie Vilayphiou, Camille Bissuel, Ricardo Lafuente and Ana Carvalho and Lieven Van Speybroeck. Disucssion and presentations take place from 13:30, ending 15:00

The whole programme and schedule can be found at the main LGRU website.

BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham

We are pleased to announce the Birmingham edition of Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), taking place on Friday 16th March at VIVID as part of Flatpack Festival. BYOB is an international series of one-night exhibitions inviting artists, armed with films and projectors, to convene and explore the art of projection in an immersive environment of moving light, sound and performance.

BYOB Birmingham

Do you have a projector? And an original video work (by that we mean a film you made/ have permission to screen)? If so, BYOB Birmingham needs you! You’re invited to submit films to be considered for inclusion at Birmingham’s first BYOB event.

Participants will be required to provide their own laptop or DVD player, and a projector (it can be analogue or digital). Participants are responsible for their own equipment at all times.

To get involved fill out this form. Deadline is Friday 24th February at 23:59

Please send any enquiries to byobbirmingham@gmail.com

BYOB Birmingham is curated by Antonio Roberts (that’s me!) and Pete Ashton, and is presented by VIVID and Flatpack Festival
BYOB is an idea originally conceived by Berlin-based artist Rafael Rozendaal.

Performances at Network Music Festival

On Thursday 26th January I performed with Freecode at the Network Music Festival pre-festival party.

For this set at any one time there were two people doing audio and two doing video. We also had the theme “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. To try and explain further:

Something old
Video: Antonio (hellocatfood) and Alan (laternist)
Audio: Leon (Chromatouch) and Jim (minuek)

Something new
Video: Chromatouch and minuek
Audio: hellocatfood and laternist

Something borrowed:
Video: hellocatfood and minuek
Audio: Chromatouch and laternist

Something blue:
Video: Chromatouch and laternist
Audio: hellocatfood and laternist

Working in this way I think gave us a bit more structure and allowed each person to shine in the spotlight for a bit. It also saw us mixing and matching styles a lot more. For example, myself and laternist create very abstract and noisy images and sound whereas Chromatouch and minuek create audio that’s more listenable and do similar things with visuals. Having two of these mixing created great results!

We now have a tumblr account where we’ll be posting all of our videos. Go visit it: http://freecodecollective.tumblr.com/

The following day I performed with BiLE. We performed two pieces at Network Music Festival: XYZ and Laptopera. The visuals for XYZ have evolved quite a bit since its first performance.

XYZ - Old visuals

Previously the visuals acted mostly as a display of the data being sent over the network. Without knowing what the data was it was hard to get any meaning from the visuals. Now, however, I feel it better represents the interactions between the players. Here it is being performed at Network Music Festival:

Please excuse the positioning of the camera. I also posted at work in progress video of those visuals in case you should want to get a better idea of what’s happening.

BiLE also premiered Laptopera, which you can watch and listen to on the BiLE YouTube channel