BYOB Birmingham videos

Although it was over a month ago some videos from BYOB Birmingham have popped up on t’interweb.

The first video is by Richard C

Pete Ashton took all of the photos that exhibitors and attendees took and made this video. The photos are looped at 30fps 6 times over a minute, zooming at 400% each loop.

One of the exhibitors – Michael Lightborne – shot this HD footage.

This final video, which I put together, is composed of footage shot by Michael Lightborne, Chris Plant, Richard C and myself.

Thanks for watching! Keep an eye on the BYOB Birmingham website for more news on the next one

TROVE call out for toys

In June 2012 I’ll be co-curating an exhibition about toys at/with TROVE and Daniel Salisbury. More info, including how to get involved, is below:

Toy Box at TROVE

Image by Daniel Salisbury

TROVE is an independent art space in Birmingham, UK, which run a monthly changing programme of contemporary art exhibitions/events.

In June 2012 TROVE are hosting an exhibition about toys. This project leads on from the discovery that the Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham, where TROVE is based, used to produce more ‘toys’ than jewellery, guns or pens; all things it is now more famously known for producing. When researching what toys were produced in this area of Birmingham it was discovered that the term ‘toys’ was used to describe items such as buttons, cuff-links and belt buckles.

Calling all hackers and Circuit-benders

With the misinterpretation of the word ‘toys’ TROVE are looking for actual toys, as is the current understanding of the word, that have been altered, hacked, modified or electronically changed, rather than ‘toys’ meaning belt buckles, buttons etc.

Sound like something for you? Email me with your hacked creations ( and include:

  • your CV and a short personal statement
  • a short description of the work/toys
  • links to online footage of the toy is available
  • max 6 photographs of the toy/s you are proposing

The deadline for submissions is 6th May 2012

Notes for application:

  • please make sure you can deliver and collect your toys from TROVE (map); 11th/12th June for drop off and 24th June for collection.
  • If the toys require power, only applications where toys are battery powered will be accepted

This exhibition is also looking for films about toys to show. More info on that is here.

Happy hacking!

Papergirl Birmingham


Artwork by Papergirl Birmingham/Claire hartley

This week Papergirl Birmingham takes place on bikes across Birmingham:

Papergirl is a global project that aims to open the art world into the urban streets of everyday life. It is an intervention seeking to surprise people and to heartily upturn the notable predictability of day to day life

Art is collected, exhibited, and then distributed on mass to an unsuspecting public, via an atmospheric array of honkingly exuberant and ravishingly roadworthy Berliners Brummies on bicycles.

Papergirl Birmingham made its first appearance on a stall at Birmingham Zine Festival in July 2011, and has since teamed up with EC-Arts/48 Sheet. There will be some rather awesome artwork being carted around Birmingham, amongst which will be some prints from my never before seen video I Am Sitting in a Room.

Antonio Roberts (Hellocatfood)

Photo by Papergirl Birmingham/Kate Grundy

The opening night is on Tuesday 24th April at The Mailbox, with the main distribution day taking place on Saturday 28th April from 12:30pm, also starting at The Mailbox. If you’ve got a bike go to it!

Well done to Kate Grundy for putting this together!

Visuals for 2xAA at Curious Sounds/Fierce Festival

I was asked at the last minute to provide some visuals for 2xAA‘s set at Curious Sounds/8 Bit Lounge as part of Fierce Festival on Saturday 7th April.

Here’s a short video from his performance

And another

calmdownkidder has loads more videos on their

For this set I loaded up the feedback loop Pure Data patch and another one that I’m working on for BiLE, All graphics from multiple patches are rendered in the same window which brought up some interesting errors. Below are a few stills

Talking to myself

Talking to myself

Talking to myself

And a close-up of the visuals in action

Lots of chiptune goodness happens regularly at 8 Bit Lounge in Birmingham.