Freecode at SuperByte, 1st September 2012

On Saturday 1st September Freecode will be providing visuals for some of the acts at SyperByte in Manchester

SuperByte is, at it’s core, a day and night of live music from some of the best chiptune and low-tech acts from the UK and beyond including micromusic pioneers Dubmood, Henry Homesweet, Superpowerless, DeadBeatBlast, Chipzel, HarleyLikesMusic and many more

More info, such as full line-up, directions and ticket prices can be found on the FB event invite or their website. It’ll be my last performance/VJ gig as part of Freecode. There may also be cake.

The Art of Glitch on PBS Off Book

PBS Off Book have recently put online a video explaining what this whole glitch art thing is about.

Shout out to Vade/Anton Marini and Daniel Temkin, whom I met at GLI.TC/H in 2010, who feature in the video. Daniel Temkin also mentioned, at 4:40, Glitch Safari, a project started by myself and notendo/Jeff Donaldson.

Go watch it!

p.s. PBS, ever heard of Creative Commons licences?! Thanks, guys!

BYOB Leicester

BYOB Leicester happened on 4th August at the Fabrika Independent Arts Centre. It was an awesome event and there was lots of great artwork on show including video work and interactive pieces

BYOB Leicester

BYOB Leicester

I decided to show nearly all of my video works to date as well as some generative Pure Data patches. I also showed a bunch of new gifs that are similar to this style. I’ll unveil them to the world soon!

Till the next time, here’s a video of all of the BYOB Leicester action!

More photos are on Flickr