Between Two Worlds – 1st August

On 1st August from 19:00 I’ll be exhibiting some new work alongside a slew of other artists for Digbeth First Friday.


Black Hole Club (from Vivid Projects) and Stryx are delighted to invite you to Between Two Worlds, a Lynchian collaborattion hosted by Vivid Projects, incorporating set design, projections, dictaphones, optical illusions, forests, wallpaper, sound installations, things indoors that should be outdoors, scraping noises, and cinematic soundtracks, all loosely inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks.

There’ll be no spoilers, honest!

An Introduction to Pure Data – 5th August

On August 5th from 13:00-17:00 I’ll be running a Pure Data workshop at Vivid Projects.


Pure Data (aka Pd) is an open source a Visual Programming Language, similar to the likes of vvvv and Max/MSP. Pd enables musicians, visual artists, performers, researchers, and developers to create software graphically, without writing lines of code. Pd has seen various implementations including live visuals (VJing), electronic music and even as an embedded library on websites, games or a Raspberry Pi.

This 4-hour workshop looks at using Pd for generative and interactive visuals. Participants will learn how to use Pd to create dynamic motion graphics that react and interact with a variety of sources including audio, live data feeds and hardware controllers.


  • The workshop will take place at Vivid Projects, which is located at 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Birmingham, B5 5RS. Ring the buzzer to be let in.
  • The workshop takes place on Tuesday 5th August and will begin at 13:00 and finish at 17:00.
  • The workshop is limited to 15 places
  • Tickets cost £10 (plus booking fee) and can be purchased from

What you will need

  • Pure Data Extended. Pure Data is free and open source software that can be downloaded for Max OSX, Windows and Linux from The software comes in two versions, Pure Data Vanilla and Pure Data Extended. For this workshop participants should download Pure Data Extended before the workshop begins in order to have more time developing skills and software.
  • A laptop. Although Pd can run on old hardware, newer hardware results in a smoother usage experience.
  • Ideas! After the basics have been covered the workshop will focus on developing any ideas you have.

Syndrome Sessions 2.0 – 25th July

I’ll be returning to Liverpool on 25th July for Syndrome Sessions 2.0: State-Free State of a.P.A.t.T island.


SYNDROME launches its next series of works illustrating new approaches to political, emotional and technological control.

The first event of this phase is hosted by a.P.A.t.T., who recalibrate the 24 Kitchen Street space as an industrial dystopia using spatialised sound, projection mapping, interactivity, amorphous cluster chords, tuned percussion / and much more.

a.P.A.t.T’s new work acts as the frame for several new commissions which take place throughout the night, each reflecting on a central theme of control in relation to political and emotional agency.

I’ll be teaming up with Rachel Sweeney again to present QWOP Dance, the piece we previously preformed at Light Night Liverpool. Advance tickets are £5, £7 on door and it all kicks off at 8pm. 🙂