The Disrupted/Disruptive Pattern, 23rd September

On 23rd September myself and Lucy Hutchinson will be showing new work from our Evasive Manoeuvres project at The Disrupted/Disruptive Pattern at Leamington Spa Art Gallery as part of the Leamington Camouflage festival.

Dubious Engagement

Since the camofleurs were operating in Leamington Spa during WW2, the world has changed immeasurably. What form does camouflage take in the age of Big Data, ubiquitous Wi-Fi and so called smart devices?

The Coventry based, artist-led group Office for Art, Design and Technology present The Disrupted/Disruptive Pattern, a night of experimental and digital audiovisual attempts at answering this question…..

Computer codes which hide large sections of film, masks which combat facial recognition software static as a disruptive tool and clashing arrays of projected images are just some of the techniques Office for Art, Design and Technology will employ during The Disrupted/Disruptive Pattern.

You will be given the opportunity to see Concealment & Deception Exhibition after-hours along with a temporary installation by Antonio Roberts and Lucy Hutchinson (Birmingham) before being led into The Assembly Rooms.

After a screening of RSG-Black-1 by RSG (NYC) there will be a live performance using computer game engines, dance music and noise by Michael Lightborne and Ryan Hughes (Birmingham)

We’ll be showing two new pieces, Dubious Engagement and Camo Mouldings within the gallery and then later at the Royal Pump Rooms.

Next Wave at RBSA, 21st September – 15th October

From 21st September – 15th October one of the Dead Copyright pieces will be on show at RBSA as part of Next Wave.

Permission Taken

Next Wave 2016 is curated by Caroline Ali RBSA, Jack Foster NWA, Jennifer Pardoe NWA, and Annette Pugh ARBSA. It features 14 artists, including RBSA artists and recent art graduates.

The Next Wave project began in 2014 as an exciting new venture for the RBSA. The project aimed to stage an exhibition of work by emerging and early-career artists that would add to the variety of the RBSA Gallery’s exhibition programme. It also aimed to support and promote the exhibitors to help them develop their career in the arts sector. Four exhibitors (Jack Foster, Anna Lorenz, Jennifer Pardoe, and Antonio Roberts) were awarded Next Wave Associateship of the Society, providing them with three free years of associate membership and an opportunity to help inform and develop the direction of the Society. Following the success of Next Wave 2014, the RBSA made it a biennial project so that the aims could be developed and continued for 2016 and beyond.

The exhibition/project, now in it’s second iteration, features myself alongside Caroline Ali RBSA, Alberto Condotta, Jack Foster NWA, Rob Hamp, Claire Hickey, Celestine Kim, Anna Lorenz NWA, Constantin Malmare, Rachael Marley, Jennifer Pardoe NWA, Annette Pugh ARBSA, Natalie Seymour and Daniel Smart.

Homegrown at Vivid Projects, 9th September

The final performance for Homegrown will be taking place at Vivid Projects on 9th September from 19:00 – 22:00.


It’s finally here! The grand finale! The Homegrown artists will be performing for the fourth and final time at Vivid Projects, Birmingham. It’s set to be a fantastic show. After four months of development their work has come a long way and is better than ever.

Come join us and experience an evening of extraordinary experimental performance.

The artists: Albert Smith, Andy Howlett, Caitlin Griffiths, China Dethcrash, Myah Jeffers, Sebastian H-W

The Homegrown project, initiated by Home For Waifs and Strays, has been working directly with the aforementioned artists to build on their performance skills over a number of months. For their final performance I lent me skills as curator to help them think about how to use a dynamic space like Vivid Projects. Y’all should definitely come and experience the wide range of works. There will be performances, one-to-one pieces and installations.

Pure Data for Beginners workshop at #ArtistsCompute2016, 10th September

On 10th September I’ll be delivering a Pure Data for Beginners workshop as part of #ArtistsCompute2016 in Coventry.

Pure Data Patching Circle

Having recognised that computers have changed society beyond measure #ArtistsCompute2016 is dedicated to mapping, presenting, probing and escalating this impact.

The festival, which is built around a large group exhibition of the same name, features many educational, participatory and enjoyable events including workshops, talks, screenings, performances and parties.

A full, detailed timetable is available here.

The workshop will be a short intense workshop focusing on the basics of using Pure Data and GEM. The workshop will take place from 11:00 – 12:30 at Fab Lab Coventry. They will already have computers there but if you have a laptop please ensure it has Pure Data install and that GEM is working. For details on booking and for information about all the other events please check in with Office for Art, Design and Technology.

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Last Day is surprisingly still installed and is included as part of the festivities. Check it out if you haven’t seen it already before it’s gone!