Birmingham City Of Culture

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Birmingham City Council to be be part of a young people’s steering group for the City Of Culture bid for 2013. I was really quite pleasantly surprised and happy to be asked, though essentially it is a bit of free work consultation to see what young people want from the city.

At first it involved a group of us meeting to discuss what we like about our city, but moreso to try and identify things that related to these three categories:

Culture on Your Doorstep – exciting cultural activities delivered outside of the City Centre (including local streets and parks)

Next Generation – small and large scale cultural projects and programmes of work led by children, young people and young adults (to include personal and professional development opportunities, mentoring and shadowing)

A Great International City of the Future – cultural projects which celebrate our past, present and future and raise the profile of Birmingham internationally (including creating large scale works of art in and around the City and a potential Autumn Festival).

Now they’re looking to the wider, under-25’s audience for their opinion. There is a three-page questionnaire that young ‘uns can fill out, but more interestingly I think it’d be better to get involved in the discussion on the Facebook Group (liek wot all da cool kids iz doin)

City of Cultre - Have Your Say

Interestingly enough, even though it asks for people under 25 to contribute, Martin Mullaney has gotten involved in the discussion. Errr, thanks!

Answers on a post card by 4th December!