Damn Small Linux

Late last year, after having numerous troubles with my computer (which resulted in me losing lots of my work) I decided to try out Ubuntu Linux distro. I had a few old computers in the house, but Ubuntu wouldn’t install on any of them! I was royally annoyed!

After going to Brumcon 07.5 today I felt inspired to try again and it worked! I had a few problems typing in a password, in that it wasn’t working, but it let me bypass it or something. Will be doing a fresh reinstall soon.

I’ve always been interested in actually learning how to use and program this sort of thing. My friend, Mez, now a php developer, is/was a developer for Ubuntu and I was always curious as to what it’s all about. I guess this, and the installing of Linux on my iPod is just the start of my journey to discover hardcore coding!

I, of course, wanna bring all of this coding knowledge back to the arts. Les Hutchins, who performed at Brumcon, provides a good example of some of the things I want to do.

Right, back to more coding, amongst other things…