Dirty New Media

Dirty New Media took place on Thursday 21st March at The Barber Institute of Fine Arts. It was one of the most adventurous exhibitions that I’ve curated!

Thanks go out to:

Here’s a list of all of the works/pieces/artists included in the programme, should you want to check out more:


Benjamin Gaulon [aka Recyclism]- KindleGlitched
Jeff Donaldson – 16bit Edition Glitch Scarf – source: Atari ST emulator read error
Dec Ackroyd – Cityscape #46
Jason Soliday – Harbinger Variations
Charlotte Frost and Rob Myers – #arthistory
Kate Pemberton – Tacert
Jamie Boulton – C:\Users\5629a7\Pictures\IDDisplay.jpg
Stef Lewandowski – Data Necklace

Super Special Essay

Shawne Holloway + Steven Hammer – 1_approach.dnm: (inter)active viewership in dirty new media. The whole text can be read in the Dirty New Media programme


Jon Cates – WTF?! is D1RTY N3W M3DI∆?!
(For those that didn’t get one, Jon’s PDF, 1337 ¥³4Γ$ øƒ D1RTY N3W M3DI∆: 2005 – 2012 CH1C∆Gø, can be downloaded from GL1TCH.US)
Dan O’Hara – An Irregular and Spasmodic History of Glitches and other Systemic Stutterings


(in order)
Modulate- O>L>S
Nick Kegeyan – i went home this winter (or my friends, lights, a game, and the last time i saw my childhood home)
Antonio Roberts – I Am Sitting in a Room
Carrie Gates – A portrait of a portrait of a portrait of nn
Bryan Peterson – [Dirty] inputs/processes.outputs
Theodore Darst – Approach
Jennifer Chan – [[[ I’ll Show You HD ]]]
Kevin Carey – OTC/DXM [256_l4y3rz_0v_sYrVp_r3m1xxx]
Sian Macfarlane – /ˈzi(ə)rˌäks/ (xerox)
Michael Lightborne – What Did The Duck Say To The Pig?

A/V Performances

Norah Lorway
Circuit Ben

There’ll be videos appearing soon, but in the meantime check out the photos from Pete Ashton:

DNM Exhibition 10

DNM Circuit Ben performance 01

DNM Jon Cates Lecture 02

Till next time…