Do It With Others (DIWO)

Something up my street I found from HTTP Gallery

NetBehaviour is an open email list community for sharing ideas, posting events & opportunities in the area of networked distributed creativity. Also facilitating collaborations between artists, academics, soft groups, writers, code geeks, curators, independent thinkers, relationalists, activists, networkers, net mutualists, new media types, new media performers, net sufis, non nationalists.

Join in and get involved making our history here now before someone else does it for us. We, are the medium – we are the context – we are the frontline – we are the real source of networked creativity. Let’s explore the potentials of this global network.
This is just the beginning.

The list opens on 31st January, so sign up!
EDIT How n00bish am I and didn’t realise that this took place in 2007! Ah well, maybe next time!