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14/11/2018 - 18/11/2018

Databit.me is born in 2010 in Saint Rémy de Provence and aimed to be since its beginning a laboratory for meetings and cultural innovation. Open to contemporary digital creation, this festival works as a place of transmission and mediation with workshops and master-classes. It is also a creative time with residences and exchanges between artists and the public.

The mass media largely surround our lives.
They impose a culture and worldview.
Their criticisms seem somewhat obvious. Dissenting voices are suppressed, recycled, treated … The “broadcast” discharge astronomical amounts of images, sounds, games (video) colonize the Internet, computers, television, radio … They are the “elementary particles” of our gregarious lives. They flood us with contents that become materials we should get to build our culture, by sharing knowledge and in link with our aspirations. A walk against this age of instant … How to regain control of this media tsunami vehiculing mainstream culture.


Databit.me would like to be in that place, between art, criticism and culture. The fields of digital need to be (re)-invested … so it does not end up by becoming, that supermarket … Open minds to have a human alternative to the hegemony comptability. Let’s dreams a lot. Transform the information superhighway into little walk paths. Play with the relationship to reality, to build our virtual … Symbolically it is a struggle. Corruption of contents, diversions are tools of resistance, facing the liberal culture bulldozer. Open space, multiply the worldviews. Seek to be in a rich singularity. Produce unique tools, to build part of our culture.

Have fun with technology, learn hard to reach knowledge in this perpetual race for novelty. Play the boundaries between art and technique …

Search for other dimensions.


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Arles, France