• Exposed / Unauthorised Copy (2016 – 2017)

    Unauthorised Copy highlights issues surrounding Copyright and presents works where creativity and the complex copyright laws have clashed. Technological innovations starting with the printing press and more recently computers and the internet have made duplicating, sharing, copying and remixing art and culture an easier and faster process. Conflicting opinions on the merits and dangers of this are leading to a permission culture where creativity is hindered. The works presented assert that these processes are central to creativity and innovation and should be encouraged, not obstructed. Exposed brings to forefront the creative ways in which technology is being used to expose minute details of our lives and collect data about our on and offline movements. The supposed benefit of this intrusion into our lives is to combat illegal activities and fill our lives with richer, more relevant cultural experiences. The works presented assert that this comes at a cost of our privacy and safety. These works were commissioned by Aly Grimes for Short Circuit.