Glitch Moment/ums – 8 June – 28th July 2013

From 8th June – 28th July I’ll be part of the Glitch Moment/ums exhibition, curated by Rosa Menkman & Furtherfield, at Furtherfield Gallery.


Glitches are commonly understood as malfunctions, bugs or sudden disruptions to the normal running of machine hardware and computer networks. Artists have been tweaking these technologies to deliberately produce glitches that generate new meanings and forms. The high-speed networks of creation and distribution across the Internet have provided the perfect compost to feed this international craze. The exhibition shows various approaches by artists hacking familiar hardware and their devices which include mobile phones, and kindles. They disrupt both the softwares and the digital artefacts produced by these softwares, whether it be in the form of video, sound and woven glitch textiles.

Glitch art subverts the way in which we are supposed to relate to technology, causing playful, imaginative disruptions. It is a low-tech and dirty media approach with a punk attitude. These artists appropriate the medium and forge expressions that go beyond what the mainstream art world expects artists to do, it is unstoppable – it is Glitch Moment/ums.

I’ll also be doing a short performance on Saturday 8th June, 3pm, at the gallery.

Participating artists + works

Alma Alloro – Empty Spinning Circle become Full (part b) (2012) from the Further Abstract series | One Square in colors (2012) from the Further Abstract series
Melissa Barronuntitled [screencaptures] (2010)
Nick BrizThe Glitch Codec Tutorial
Benjamin Gaulon – KindleGlitched (2012)
José Irion Neto – Thoreau Glitch Portrait (2011)
Antonio Roberts – Copyright Atrophy (2013) | What Revolution? (2011)
Ant Scott – Beyond Yes and No (2013)

Glitch Art 0P3NR3P0.NET Open Call


Glitch artists and enthusiasts are invited to add their work to GLI.TC/H, a Glitch Art repository coded by and developed by Joseph ‘Yølk’ Chiocchi & Nick Briz. The submissions will be showcased during Glitch Moment/ums at Furtherfield Gallery. To include your work in the 0P3NR3P0 component of Glitch Moment/ums submit a link to any visually wwweb based file (html, jpg, gif, youtube, vimeo, etc.) and your piece will automatically be included in the line-up (one work per artist).

This new IRL exhibition has been organised in collaboration with Nick Briz and Joseph ‘Yølk’ Chiocchi.