Imperica – New Horizons

Directly after f(Glitch) I’ll be in London to take part in the New Horizons event from Imperica on 7th March, 09:00-18:00.


New Horizons brings a variety of people, disciplines, and interests together in one provocative, thought-provoking, enormously creative, and fun day. This will not be a day of death by PowerPoint. You’ll leave the day with new ideas, new visions, and new friends.

This event is ideal for professionals, academics and enthusiasts of film; advertising; design; digital technologies and their impact; art; and media.

I’ll be part of a joint presentation with Camillie Baker entitled Error Detection:

We expect perfection like never before. Whether it’s a slight hiccup on our digital TV, a spelling error in a press release or an incorrect fact in a tweet, there’s little room for manoeuvre. How is the “imperfect” recognised, exposed, used, and celebrated on both an artistic and intellectual level?

The event isn’t free (£87.77), but has some really amazing participants, so you should definitely buy a ticket.