March Hackspace Meet

Saturday was the second meeting for the Birmingham Hack Space which made an impromptu relocation to Scruffy Murphy’s.

The meet was graced by the presence of Jonty and Russ, founders of the London Hack Space who were more than happy to share their experiences so far in setting up their own hackspace.

I think it can be said for any project that aims to bring people together that in order to progress you need to gather a community together. Once you have a strong community, even if it consists of a few dozen people, you can make real progress and begin to grow and achieve more.

As a result of the meeting the hackspace now has it’s own temporary blog, Twitter account and is on Facebook

Our next meeting is on April 11th, which you can find out more information on in this thread and then we’ll be having fortnightly pub meets staring on 15th April