Open Online Six: Too Long for iTunes

On January 1st the sixth edition of the Open Online year-long online exhibitions from Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, titled Too Long for iTunes, went online.


Image: Emma Jarvis, Matigital Culture

Terre Thaemlitz’s 2011 album Soulnessless included a nearly 30-hour piano solo filling a single maximum length 320kB/s MP3 file of 4GB – yet the file playback was limited to the first two hours and 40 minutes! Challenging the era’s dominant media format the album was sold only as a 16GB microSDHD card, drawing a distinction between online culture and digital culture, honouring the authors ‘specificity of content’.

Our sixth annual curated open online exhibition seeks to examine whether there still exists a distinction between digital and online cultures following the advent of the Internet of Things, and what forms these may take.

The exhibition features new and existing works from Pete Ashton, Marc Atkinson, Emma Jarvis, and Sam Mattacott, and a text from Christine Lucy Latimer.

Back in October 2015 I was invited to be on the selection panel for the exhibition (after previously featuring in their Free Exchange discussion group about Art + Copyright). It’s great to see the exhibition finally realised. Go take a look at it now!