Papergirl Birmingham


Artwork by Papergirl Birmingham/Claire hartley

This week Papergirl Birmingham takes place on bikes across Birmingham:

Papergirl is a global project that aims to open the art world into the urban streets of everyday life. It is an intervention seeking to surprise people and to heartily upturn the notable predictability of day to day life

Art is collected, exhibited, and then distributed on mass to an unsuspecting public, via an atmospheric array of honkingly exuberant and ravishingly roadworthy Berliners Brummies on bicycles.

Papergirl Birmingham made its first appearance on a stall at Birmingham Zine Festival in July 2011, and has since teamed up with EC-Arts/48 Sheet. There will be some rather awesome artwork being carted around Birmingham, amongst which will be some prints from my never before seen video I Am Sitting in a Room.

Antonio Roberts (Hellocatfood)

Photo by Papergirl Birmingham/Kate Grundy

The opening night is on Tuesday 24th April at The Mailbox, with the main distribution day taking place on Saturday 28th April from 12:30pm, also starting at The Mailbox. If you’ve got a bike go to it!

Well done to Kate Grundy for putting this together!