Now that the blogging scene in Birmingham is pretty much booming and everyone knows online and IRL* do you think we all feel obliged to subscribe to each others’ RSS feeds, follow them on Twitter and poke/add them on Facebook?

With the next Bloggers meet around the corner many of the people attending will be meeting for the second time – the first time being the first bloggers meet – (duh) so, in theory it’d be the polite thing to do to subscribe to their web presence(s) from the first meeting.

But what if you didn’t?

Imagine the conversation the next time you meet and they bring up a reference to a blog post they made and you had no idea what they were talking about. Imagine if after admitting your complete failure at being a friend they revealed that they’d read your every post since you met. Oh, the shame and embarrassment!

Even worse, what if you did subscribe to everthing of theirs, then deiced that their thrice-daily dishing out of crap-envying content was, well, crap and thus unsubscribed. Imaging the awkardness of meeting again and having to blurt out an excuse for not reading their blog.

Or, would you just grin and bear it and read their content, ’cause it was the polite thing to do?

I guess the questions I’m trying to ask are:
Is it bad manners not to virtually subscribe to person after meeting them? And, Should you feel obliged to stay subscribed to that person for the duration of your friendship?

*that’s In Real Life to you n00bs**

**that’s newbies for you amateurs