These last three months have been the most exciting, scary and interesting months of the last few years. I’ve gone from being a student who was shoved out into the real world only to be unemployed for six months to now having steady income, lots of interesting friends and a load of upcoming interesting projects.

But at what price?

I feel my artwork has really suffered recently. I haven’t done any new work in about a month and I feel bad for that. Sure, my computer did delete all 25 of my unfinished projects, but these were mostly old projects.

I’m glad that my current style of artwork is taking off rapidly, but I need time to develop my skills, explore new territory and plan where I want to go in the future. It’s really hard to do this when I’m spending a lot of my time trying to keep up with the blogscene, attending an endless amonut of meetings and gallery openings or simply doing anything but art.


Within the coming week I think I’m gonna be off the Internet more and indulging in art a lot more. Expect the Projects page to actually have some noteworthy content on it as well!