Something that I saw some time ago on the artsjobs mailing list but forgot to post. It’ll be great for workshop deliverers and anyone else involved in learning (perhaps you, Bobbie?):

Supported by Black Country Creative Partnerships: Soapbox is an informal space where creative practitioners who work in learning can meet up with each other to:

  • question, ponder, debate and wonder
  • get inspired, irritated, encouraged, creative
  • connect up, catch up, talk through what’s up and simply meet up

Soapbox is a space for creative practitioners who work in learning to share and learn from each other in an open and honest way. It’s a space to reflect upon our own creative thinking and practice. It’s about us doing something for ourselves and it will run for as long as it proves useful to sufficient numbers of us to keep it going.

To suss out if it’s something for you, come along to our first session on:

TUESDAY 8TH APRIL (6.00-8.00pm)
Atticus Bar, 113/114 Three Shire Oak Road,
Bearwood, Birmingham, B67 5BT
(Google map)

This session will be started by Noel Dunne, freelance producer and creative agent who’ll be exploring the question: ‘Do we know our own value?’

Confirm your attendance by e-mailing Janine Millington on See y’all there!