Sonification Studies

On 19th September I did a Sonification Studies performance at glitChicago. I had previously done a demonstration/performance of this at Relearn in Brussels, Post-Modern Plant Life in Leamington Spa, and at September’s Digbeth First Friday at Vivid Projects, but the glitChicago was what I consider to be the first proper performance. A culmination of my reserach, if you will.

The focus for me at this performance was to get a sense of rhythm. Previous performances experimented with using found image sources, which resulted in a somewhat chaotic performance. For the glitChicago performance I composed a series of images with repeating patterns.


I separated these images into four groups, one for each channel. There were no rules strict for what went into each group, but I thought about which would sound better as beats, which have similar colours etc. A Bill Miller shot a bit of my performance, but bow that I’m back in the UK with all my equipment (actually just a midi controller) I present to you a remake of my performance. Warning: it’s loud and there be flashing images.

I’d be really interested to see and hear what others make with the software, or they take the code and extend it somehow.