SuperByte 2013, 13-14 September

SuperByte is, at time of writing, only two days away! In anticipation of this awesomeness I made a little preview video, with music by HarleyLikesMusic.

(I should’ve probably put a flashing images warning in there)

Since I last wrote about it the line-up has changed/grown to include: 8 Bit Weapon, Anamanaguchi, Broken Bit, Comptroller, Eat Rabbit, gwEm, KeFF, Meneo, Mizkai, Nordloef, Organ Freeman, Sabrepulse, Shirobon, Skip Cloud, TDK, Ultrasyd and Whitely.

In addition to myself, there’ll be visuals from Invaderbacca, Jayson H, LastKnight ,Rosa Menkman and Spectrum

I’ll also have a couple of prints from Some of My Favourite Songs on display.


Still haven’t got your tickets? What are you waiting for?! Get lucky! Get them now!