SuperByte 2014 – Glitch Art Workshop

I’ll be returning to SuperByte for their 2014 festival between 11-13th September, although this time I’ll be delivering a glitch art workshop instead of performing.


In this part theory, part practice workshop, hellocatfood will take you through a brief history of glitches, noise, and their impact on art, music and popular culture. The practical side of the workshop will delve into the common techniques utilised by glitch artists, such as hacking codecs, modifying hardware and repurposing commonly used software.

For the practical part of the workshop you’ll need a laptop/computer (Mac/Windows/Linux) with the following software installed: GIMP, Audacity & a good text editor such as Notepad++, TextEdit or Gedit.

Depending on time and interest from participants, we may be able extend software covered. If possible, please have installed: Processing, Pure Data, ffmpeg/libav, Imagemagick, Inkscape & Blender.

All of the software required for this workshop is freely available, and there’ll also be some toys on hand for you to experiment with.

If you haven’t got your ticket yet there’s still time to get cheap ones by supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Remember, if you pledge £45 you get some artwork from me as well!