Short Circuit – Terminal 2 – 10th February – 9th March

After appearing first at Stryx in September 2016 the Short Circuit exhibition will be making its way to A plus A Gallery in Venice from 10th February – 9th March.

Short Circuit is an ambitious international touring group show devised by British independent curator, Aly Grimes, and consists of nine new media artists and collectives in an attempt to re-assess the archetypal framework of a travelling exhibition. It proposes a new experimental model of display realised in three different locations across Europe to include Birmingham, Venice and Copenhagen. The project’s structure aims to investigate new ways that exhibition spaces can present touring shows in the Digital Age and will manifest as a highly experimental research project susceptible to failure. It might glitch, trip, malfunction or ‘short circuit’.

This iteration will have updated versions of Unauthorised Copy and Exposed, both of which appeared the first exhibition.

Exhibiting artists include myself and Emily Mulenga, Juneau Projects, The Cool Couple, Kensuke Koike and Ryts Monet, Honey Biba Beckerlee, Johan Knattrup Jensen, and David Stjernholm.