Ask anybody something unforgettable about BUMP 2016, and they’ll probably say the afterparty: rooftop, drinks and tunes. We’re planning something extra this year…

During this year’s afterparty, there will be an Algorave live performance. Experience how the Algobabez, Alex McLean and Antonio Roberts create music and visuals with code, live on stage. One of the Algobabez will be joining us live from Australia and sync her code with the Live Code at the rooftop!

Balsamine – 18th October 2014

On 18th October I’ll be back in Brussels to join OSP for their appearance at Balsamine.


Following the path started with the Seoul Fonts Karaoke, continued with the Bits and Sounds worksession at Relearn 2014, OSP is going to scratch its sonic itches once more with the re-thread of this (appropriately musical) years visual material and program.

The gang will do its best to convert as much of the program into sounds, then tracks, then mix them all together, we’re expecting it to be loud, at the very least.

I’ll be doing my now usual thing of converting things to sound 🙂

It all kicks off from 17:30 at Théâtre de la Balsamine on 18th October.