Digbeth First Friday

The Black Hole Club returns with an experimental night of organic, chemical and synthesised actions exploring art and science. The artists riff on explorations including the psychological effects of colour on the emotions; artificially created personae ; gender role play and chemical processing; organic performers and machine vision; chip synthesis – hijacking Microsoft devices in the name of art.

Black Hole Club | Digbeth First Friday 04.03.16

Multimedia Programming with Pure Data

Pure Data is a visual programming language that allows visual artists, performers, musicians, researchers and developers to create software in a visual, graphic way, without writing lines of code. Pure Data has numerous applications, including for live visuals, electronic music, websites and games.

In this workshop participants will learn how to use Pure Data to create generative and interactive live visuals and dynamic motion graphics that react and interact with a variety of sources including audio, live data feeds and hardware controllers.

Each participant will need their own laptop or computer. To save time please install Pure Data Extended prior to the workshop. It can be downloaded here: http://puredata.info/downloads

I Am A Strange Loop

Black Hole Club presents I Am A Strange Loop, an evening of installations and live performances exploring feedback loops, recursion and sampling for Digbeth First Friday.

Artworks include:

– An installation using looped documentation and objects from ‘Her Lady’s Pleasure’, an existing performance by Kate Spence.
– A chaotic performance by Leon Trimble where he will be playing with different paradigms of looping audio.
– VHS loops by Michael Lightborne that combine the pristine digital sheen of virtual landscapes with the analogue decay of crudely looping video cassettes.
– A transatlantic collaboration between Rebecca Mahay and Heath Moerland exploring cassette tape feedback loops combined with vocal overlays. Video by Rebecca Mahay.
– A collaborative installtion and performance by Ollie MacDonald-Brown and Sarah Walden that will see the supporting structures of Vivid Projects invaded by film reels.

Black Hole Club 2018 Launch

Everyone is welcome to join us to celebrate the new season with the launch of Black Hole Club 2018, on 30 March 6-8pm.

Meet the Black Hole Club 2018 cohort, comprising 22 artists and collaborators. Now in it’s fifth year, Black Hole Club is a highly popular annual development programme to support artists in the West Midlands. Participants receive tailored opportunities to develop their practice and are encouraged to explore new areas, including digital art, live performance, experimental audio, film and video, animation and computer-generated art. The 2018 cohort will be supported to integrate technologies in their practice and reach a wider audience through Vivid Projects’ new net and live platforms, with regular free public events throughout the year.

Black Hole Club 2018 launch


Lumen x Black Hole Club present STELLAR, an exhibition featuring works inspired by celestial events.

Carol Breen
Coral Manton
Edie Jo Murray and Rosa Francesca
Jack Mugglestone
Matthew Evans
newnewmoon featuring Marcus Keating and Liz Ord
Pete Ashton
Sian Macfarlane
Tony McClure

Exhibition open:
Friday 27th April, 18:00 – 20:00
Saturday 28th April, 12:00 – 17:00
Thursday 3rd May, 12:00 – 17:00
Friday 4th May, 18:00 – 20:00


An Introduction to 3D Scanning and Printing, 14 – 16th May

Black Hole Club (the thing that I run) has teamed up with Workshop Birmingham and Backface to present a 3D Scanning and Printing workshop.


Part 1: Saturday 14 May, 10am–5pm.
Venue: Eastside Projects

Led by Tim Milward of backface, a 3D scanning and printing company based in Digbeth, this practical workshop will introduce you to Photogrammetry a 3D scanning process that combines multiple photographic images to create high resolution textured digital ‘objects’ which can be 3D printed or used in digital contexts.

In this practical workshop Tim will demonstrate his professional scanning rig and equipment and will also introduce us to free software that artists and designers can use to make 3D scans. Workshop participants will scan a small object and then, under Tim’s guidance, will use free software to clean up and optimise the resulting 3D mesh and prepare it for 3D printing.

Part 2, Monday 16 May, 6–9pm
Venue: Vivid Projects, Minerva Works, Fazeley St.

Led by artist Antonio Roberts this workshop will introduce participants to Blender a free and open source 3D creation suite which supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline from modeling, rigging and animation to simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking.

Using the 3D meshes produced during Part 1 as a starting point, Antonio will introduce the basics of modifying meshes and optimizing them for 3D printing.

Full details are available on the Workshop Birmingham website. The total cost for the two day workshop is £25 and tickets can be bought here.

Black Hole Club at Vivid Projects

Things on this blog have been rather quiet in recent months. I’ve stopped updating it with absolutely every event or exhibition that I’m somehow involved in – there’s now a dedicated Events page for that. I’ve also been very engaged with delivering workshops (gotta entertain the young ‘uns somehow this Summer!), such as the How To Gif workshops for Future Curious and a number of Pure Data and Glitch Art workshops.

Another thing occupying my time and filling it with joy is my work for Vivid Projects and Black Hole Club. On 7th August Black Hole Club returned to Vivid Projects to exhibit recent work as part of Digbeth First Friday.

I Am A Strange Loop

Kate Spence - She Came In Waves

Unweidly Film Monster

I Am A Strange Loop

I Am A Strange Loop

The exhibition, titled I Am A Strange Loop, explored the ideas of loops and recursion, inspired by the book I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadte. Artists that exhibited were Kate Spence, Rebecca Mahay, Leon Trimble, Sarah Walden and Ollie MacDonald-Brown, and Michael Lightborne. Even though the exhibition was only for one night all of the contributing members really put a lot of hard work into their pieces.

It’s been a very big learning experience working with the Black Hole Club members to put on events and generally help develop their individual practices. Some of the members are already experience and established artists and see the scheme as another outlet for their creativity, whilst some are still trying to solidify their practice and establish themselves within the local community. Whatever their level it’s been great seeing the collaborate and work together to put on a great exhibition!

Associate Producer at Vivid Projects

I’m happy to announce that I have recently joined Vivid Projects as their Associate Producer.


If you’ve been following my progress as an artist you’ll see that I have worked with VIVID/Vivid Projects in various forms since 2009. In 2009, as a result of the Young People on Arts Boards programme I joined the board of directors at VIVID. As VIVID I curated/co-curated the fizzPOP Howdowino, GLI.TC/H and Bring Your Own Beamer. In their reincarnation as Vivid Projects I curated/co-curated Dirty New Media, Bring Your Own Beamer and µChip 3.

In my new role as Associate Producer I’ll continue to curate shows of new media and digital art and also take the lead on their Black Hole Club members’ scheme.


Started in 2014, Black Hole Club is a lively, daring space for all kinds of creative people to share and test ideas. Members can use the space to develop their own work, with the possibility of using the space for exhibitions and performances. I plan to take a very active role in helping members develop their practice by finding opportunities, arranging talks and workshops and whatever else they may need.

If you want to know more about the Black Hole Club or just want to chat or pitch ideas to me I can be reached on antonio@vividprojects.org.uk

Between Two Worlds – 1st August

On 1st August from 19:00 I’ll be exhibiting some new work alongside a slew of other artists for Digbeth First Friday.


Black Hole Club (from Vivid Projects) and Stryx are delighted to invite you to Between Two Worlds, a Lynchian collaborattion hosted by Vivid Projects, incorporating set design, projections, dictaphones, optical illusions, forests, wallpaper, sound installations, things indoors that should be outdoors, scraping noises, and cinematic soundtracks, all loosely inspired by the TV show Twin Peaks.

There’ll be no spoilers, honest!

Black Hole Club Social/ Digbeth First Friday – May 2nd

Since March I’ve been part of Vivid Projects’ Black Hole Club along with nine other artists. As part of a new initiative called Digbeth First Friday on 2nd May we’ll be having a bit of a social event!


The Black Hole Club is a lively, daring space for all kinds of creative people to share ideas. Join us for a social evening of visuals and sonics from club members. Expect beer, music and conversation, which journeys from David Lynch to Oculus Rift!

Digbeth comes alive on the first Friday of each month with exhibitions, late-night openings, special events, culture in unexpected places, live music, street food and more.

With different things to see and do each month, anything could happen on a first Friday night out. Grab a Disloyalty Card from participating venues and collect stamps to trade for treats as you sample the great independent culture Digbeth has to offer.

It’s all happening between 6-9pm. Expect there to be lots of analog video hardware for you to play around with! Oh, and it’s totally free!