Crescent Theatre are now Blogging!

After over a year of talks with the Crescent Theatre I’ve finally got them blogging. Ok, that is a slight exaggeration as they have set up WordPress and Blogger blogs before, but now they have one central blog which benefits from traffic from the main website as well as from services such as Google Blogsearch.

I also hooked the theatre up to Twitter. Since Twitter was forced to change how it operated in the UK many potential opportunities are going to be missed. Still, it’s up there to serve as an alert of new blog posts. Maybe there are other ways in which it can be used?

They also now have a page on Facebook. There is already a group for this on Facebook, and members do sometimes create the events themselves, but this’ll now serve as a prime location for everything Crescent Theatre related on Facebook. Also note that the blog posts are automatically imported into the page. There is a danger of just producing echo, but this’ll attract Facebook users to the website and blog.

All of this effort will give the theatre a more transparent feel and let the public Get Closer To The Performance!

As I continue to break my blog…

Now that I’ve found out how to make a static page my home page I want to be able to display, say, three of the most recent posts on that static page. Any clues on how to do it? I’ve had a search on WordPress for a ‘sticky‘ plugin, hoping that it’ll simply be like having a sticky post. Alas, no luck 🙁

Also, sorry if I’ve broken anyones rss feeds or links by changing the blog address!