Bus Tops

Please excuse the delay in alerting you about Bus Tops. I’ve been away in Brussels attending the Libre Graphics Research Unit‘s Co-Position meeting, for which there will be a writeup of shortly 😉

A team of artists in London have worked awesomely hard to bring you the greatest thing to happen to the top of bus stops. Evar! Bus-Tops brings still and animated art to the top of 30 bus stops around London. This video best explains what it’s all about:

For the last half of February these screens will feature glitch art works by myself and others, chosen by D0DD, administrator of the Glitches group on Flickr. Others featured include Glitch-Irion, Stallio, Pixel Noizz, Notendo, Bit-Synthesis and Gridworks1. Below is one of the works – Jumper – created for this project, juxtaposed with the original

If you’re able to capture any images of any of the works in action I know we’d be happy to see them!