The New Projectionists: VJing, AV Performance and Post-cinematic Projection

A day of panel talks and performances about VJing, live cinema and audio-visual performance. This symposium will bring together academics, artists and VJs to discuss the role of projection in their work, and the current state of AV performance in the UK. A number of thematically focussed panel talks will take place in Centrala, Birmingham on Saturday 24th February, followed by an evening of AV performances from 7pm – 10pm, and ending with a VJ Jam until late. Running in parallel at Vivid Projects there will be a number of projection-based installations. This event is a collaboration between The Projection Project, an AHRC funded research project based at the University of Warwick, and Lighttouch Festival.

Confirmed speakers/artists include: Toby Harris (*spark), Rebecca Smith (Urbanprojections), Miri Kat, Antonio Roberts, Raquel Meyers, Rod Maclachlan, Guy Edmonds, Blanca Regina, Flatpack Film Festival, Sean Clarke (Test Card Manchester), Richard Wallace.

Come along to Vivid Projects on the evening of Fri Feb 23 for a warm-up party with loud music and VJs.

BYOB Porto/OpenField, 8th June

On 8th June a video recording of Sonification Studies and the Archive Remix videos will be on display at BYOB Porto/OpenField.


BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer)” é o nome dado a uma serie de “one-night-exhibitions” organizadas um pouco por todo o mundo. Consiste em juntar num espaço varios artistas visuais, cada um traz o seu projector e enche o espaço e as paredes de luz e imagens.

Esta quarta-feira (8 Junho / 18.30) vai-se efectuar um BYOB no Openfield CreativeLab.

The event is curated by Paul Hertz and includes pieces from the likes of Jessica Fenlon and Carrie Gates.

BYOB Stony Brook photos

Thanks to all those that braved the cold and made it out to BYOB Stony Brook!

BYOB Stony Brook

BYOB Stony Brook

BYOB Stony Brook

BYOB Stony Brook

BYOB Stony Brook


Margaret Schedel, Yonghoon Kim, Stephen Mcgee, Antonio Roberts, LeeAnne Issaogna, Daniel Weymouth, Matthew Blessing, Katherine Schwarting, Patrick Quinn, Mary Garvey, and Jeanette Yew

Curated by Antonio Roberts and presented as part of f(Glitch).

Photos by LeeAnn Iassogna/cDACT. Lots more photos here.

BYOB Stony Brook

During my time in Stony Brook for f(Glitch) I’ll also be curating another BYOB event, taking place on March 4th!


You are invited to join us for the first Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) at Stony Brook University. Taking part is easy: just bring your beamer (digital projector) and something to be screened! BYOB is a series of one-night exhibitions where artists are invited to bring their own beamers and explore the medium of projection by creating a collaborative happening of moving light, sound and performance. On March 4th from 20:00 until 23:00 we will fill Union Ballroom and University Cafe at Stony Brook University with artists, each of them armed with their own beamer.

The simple terms and guidelines:

  • RSVP to hellocatfood in order to secure a spot.
  • Open to anyone, including those outside the university.
  • Bring your own beamer/projector, video playback device and extension cord.
  • We can provide power sockets and some extension cables.
  • Find your own spot on the day.
  • Use any surface to beam on, including ceilings and floors.
  • Places allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • Participants are welcome to set up at University Ballroom and Cafe from 5pm.
  • Participants are responsible for the safety of their own equipment.
  • All ages welcome in the University Ballroom, but ages 21+ allowed in the University Cafe.

The University will have a limited amount of beamers that can be booked on the night. Please get in contact if you need one. These will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013, 29th November

The full lineup for Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013 has just been announced. This year sees some old favourites return as well as lots of new faces from across the UK. Details below:


Revolution 33 // Bring Your Own Beamer

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013

Vivid Projects’ acclaimed 33 REVOLUTIONS programme concludes this winter with Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), a one-night celebration of the projected image. Armed with projectors, artists will descend on Vivid Projects’ space in Digbeth to create a collective Revolution #33 through a giant audio-visual environment. Join us for the finale and raise a glass to the revolution – viva the beamer!

Exhibiting artists

Antonio Roberts, Ashley James Brown, Ben Waddington, Chris Plant, chromatouch, DACHHU VISUALS, Daniel Salisbury, Dan Tombs, David Checkley, Dom Breadmore, faisfx, George Benson, Mark Murph, Michael Lightborne, Natalie O’Keeffe, Pete Ashton, Roxie Collins, Sam Alexander Mattacott, Sebastian Lenton, Sellotape Cinema, Soraya Fatha, Tim Neath, Vlad C Costache, Walter Newton


Alex Juno, Swoomptheeng DJs, Pete Ashton


Anna Horton


BYOB Birmingham
Vivid Projects
Facebook event
Full-sized poster


Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB) is an international series of one-night exhibitions inviting artists, armed with films and projectors, to convene and explore the art of projection in an immersive environment of moving light, sound and performance. BYOB is an idea originally conceived by Berlin-based artist Rafael Rozendaal and BYOB events have been held in over 40 international cities.

Bring Your Own Beamer Birmingham 2013

BYOB Boiler Room – 22nd July

On Monday 22nd July I’ll be off to London to take part in a rather special edition of Bring Your Own Beamer (BYOB), which sees the usual barrage of artists project against a backdrop of music from Mark Ronson and others!

BYOB Boiler Room

This edition of BYOB will feature 28 visual artists (myself included) and will run from 7pm-11pm at a venue somewhere in East London. It’s invite-only, but as with all Boiler Room shows it’ll be streamed live, so tune in!

Video documentation

BYOB Leicester, 4th August 2012

BYOB is coming around again, only this time I’m not organising it (although I am “supporting” it)! BYOB Leicester will take place at the Fabrika Independent Arts Centre (map) on Saturday 4th August

BYOB Leicester

I’ll be “beamering” video work all night, though I’ve yet to decide what video I’ll show. I might even show something new!

They’re still looking for other people to beam, so be sure to apply. Deadline is 24th July 23:59

BYOB Birmingham videos

Although it was over a month ago some videos from BYOB Birmingham have popped up on t’interweb.

The first video is by Richard C

Pete Ashton took all of the photos that exhibitors and attendees took and made this video. The photos are looped at 30fps 6 times over a minute, zooming at 400% each loop.

One of the exhibitors – Michael Lightborne – shot this HD footage.

This final video, which I put together, is composed of footage shot by Michael Lightborne, Chris Plant, Richard C and myself.

Thanks for watching! Keep an eye on the BYOB Birmingham website for more news on the next one

Feedback Loops in Pure Data

Recently I’ve been making a few video loops for Dreambait Recordings to use in their shows. The videos, made using video samples and Pure Data, focus on feedback loops. For BYOB Birmingham on Friday 16th March I decided to showcase these video feedbcak creations. Some photos of it in action:

BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham Flatpack Festival 2012

Photo by minuek

The Pure Data patch used to make these visuals, inspired by this patch is pretty simple: Put an object on screen, take a snapshot of the screen and then apply that snapshot as a texture to another object. You can download it below

Feedback Loops patch

Click to download

As a texture for the cube I used the Skin Cells video again. You could replace this with any video, image or webcam feed. The [pix_contrast] object is there purely to provide an over-saturated look (try bringing Saturation to a negative number). For BYOB I automated the controls by using random number generators (feeding [random] into [metro]). Here’s a render of what the audience saw:

All that is needed now is some cool audio to go with it! Thanks to all those that came to BYOB to see this and other awesome artworks!

BYOB Birmingham Thanks

BYOB Birmingham happened on Friday 16th March and it was a great success! For those who like statistics, in the end the event had 18 artists (plus videos from VIVID’s archives), 22 beamers, and nearly 200 people attend.

My thanks for making the night awesome go to:

  • Flatpack Festival, which has been going for six years, for putting on a great festival and allowing BYOB to be part of it
  • VIVID, whose amazing gallery space was perfectly suited for this event. There were worries about there being too many cables and causing a power outage due to too many beamers, but the excellent VIVID staff were on hand to make sure it all went swimmingly
  • Bobby Bird from Modulate and Gary Judge (aka Arcade) for providing awesome music throughout the night. Many times I received comments about how well the music matched the event. Also, Cylob FTW!
  • Shelly Knotts, for being helping me on the day, taking photos, keeping me sane, and for buying me lunch 😉
  • Rafaël Rozendaal, for coming up with the BYOB idea and allowing anyone to do as they wish with it
  • The people of Birmingham and West Midlands, for coming out in your hundreds to support the event
  • And last, but not least, my thanks go to all of the artists that traveled from all over the country to be part of BYOB Birmingham!

Be sure to check out the artwork from all of the exhibiting artists:
Alan Brooker, Ewa Mos, Daisy Hogan, Antonio Roberts, Chris Plant, Modulate, James Warrier, Sarah Rose Allen, Paul Harrison, Kate Spence, Elizabeth Howell, Soraya Fatha, Leon Trimble, Michael Lightborne, Matt Murtagh, Pete Ashton, AAS

If any of my readers took any gifs, photos or videos (even phone quality is great) upload them to Flickr/Youtube/Vimeo and tag them “BYOB Birmingham” or send them to and, with your permission, they’ll be used in a video documenting the event.

In the meantime here’s some photos from the event


Photo by Modulate


BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham

BYOB Birmingham Flatpack Festival 2012

Photo by minuek


Keep an eye on for more future events