Kinglux X hellocatfood

Recently Tony Hill and I have collaborated on a few videos, combining glitch art aesthetics and 3D fractals.

Kinglux X Hellocatfood ‘Temptations’

The electronic landscapes provide temptation and distraction of every possible combination in ways alien and inhuman.

Kinglux X Hellocatfood ‘Escape Velocity

An exploration between the angel and technology, an interplay between humanity, space and gravity

An overall fun collaboration 🙂 With both of us now based in remote locations I wonder what opportunities for live collaboration there are…

Exhibition # 1 – B-VAC

So yeah, the first exhibition of B-VAC (Birmingham Visual Arts Coalition) is taking place soon. See flyer below.

I’ve set up a Twitter account for B-VAC but not quite sure where to go with it yet. Lets call it an experiment!


Painting, originally uploaded by hellocatfood.

Not much else to say on this one. More info on the painting coming later.