Auto Suggestion , 6th December

From Friday 6th I’ll be part of the Auto-Suggestion group exhibition curated by Declan Ackroyd (glitchee)


I’ll have a print on show from the Exhausted image series. Other artists being exhibited include: Daniel Temkin (Rottytooth), G1ft3d, Grant Charteris (GHSdude), Haydiroket, Kim Valcourt (Torngarsuk), Nick Kegeyan (Extracrispy), Royal Smith (Jamopi), Sam Mattacott, Stallio!, Vince Mckelvie, Jamie Boulton (Questionsomething), Spencer Kelly (Somethingfunnyishappening) and Declan Ackroyd (Glitchee).

The exhibition will run for two weeks at Rock Paper Scissors in Lincoln. I can’t be there but you should be!