Black Hole Club | Digbeth First Friday, 4th March

Black Hole Club will be returning on 1st March and will initially run until 20th September 2016. By way of reintroducing the year ahead on 4th March some of the members will be presenting work as part of Digbeth First Friday.


The Black Hole Club returns with an experimental night of organic, chemical and synthesised actions exploring art and science. The artists riff on explorations including the psychological effects of colour on the emotions; artificially created personae ; gender role play and chemical processing; organic performers and machine vision; chip synthesis – hijacking Microsoft devices in the name of art.

The night will feature new and existing work by David Checkley, Michael Lightborne, Ollie Macdonald-Brown, Jaanika Okk, Kate Spence, Leon Trimble and Sarah Walden. It’s also a chance to find out more about the upcoming programme that I’ve been, er, programming.