Black Hole Club | Digbeth First Friday, 4th March

Black Hole Club will be returning on 1st March and will initially run until 20th September 2016. By way of reintroducing the year ahead on 4th March some of the members will be presenting work as part of Digbeth First Friday.


The Black Hole Club returns with an experimental night of organic, chemical and synthesised actions exploring art and science. The artists riff on explorations including the psychological effects of colour on the emotions; artificially created personae ; gender role play and chemical processing; organic performers and machine vision; chip synthesis – hijacking Microsoft devices in the name of art.

The night will feature new and existing work by David Checkley, Michael Lightborne, Ollie Macdonald-Brown, Jaanika Okk, Kate Spence, Leon Trimble and Sarah Walden. It’s also a chance to find out more about the upcoming programme that I’ve been, er, programming.

Black Hole Club at Vivid Projects

Things on this blog have been rather quiet in recent months. I’ve stopped updating it with absolutely every event or exhibition that I’m somehow involved in – there’s now a dedicated Events page for that. I’ve also been very engaged with delivering workshops (gotta entertain the young ‘uns somehow this Summer!), such as the How To Gif workshops for Future Curious and a number of Pure Data and Glitch Art workshops.

Another thing occupying my time and filling it with joy is my work for Vivid Projects and Black Hole Club. On 7th August Black Hole Club returned to Vivid Projects to exhibit recent work as part of Digbeth First Friday.

I Am A Strange Loop

Kate Spence - She Came In Waves

Unweidly Film Monster

I Am A Strange Loop

I Am A Strange Loop

The exhibition, titled I Am A Strange Loop, explored the ideas of loops and recursion, inspired by the book I Am A Strange Loop by Douglas Hofstadte. Artists that exhibited were Kate Spence, Rebecca Mahay, Leon Trimble, Sarah Walden and Ollie MacDonald-Brown, and Michael Lightborne. Even though the exhibition was only for one night all of the contributing members really put a lot of hard work into their pieces.

It’s been a very big learning experience working with the Black Hole Club members to put on events and generally help develop their individual practices. Some of the members are already experience and established artists and see the scheme as another outlet for their creativity, whilst some are still trying to solidify their practice and establish themselves within the local community. Whatever their level it’s been great seeing the collaborate and work together to put on a great exhibition!