CV Dilema

I was at the pub today with Vickie Wood of CECI, discussing the next performance, when I thought I’d bring up the question about how to mention the previous performance on my CV. Do I say that I worked with CECI, as part of CECI, collaborated with, performed with or as part of or some other terminology? I only asked this because I don’t want to take credit for work that I’ve had minimal input in.

I’ll put it into a perspective bit more. When I first performed with Insectoid and CECI I didn’t have any input other than my performing of their piece. So, for that I’d just say I performed with them. However, as I’ve gotten to know the work more I’m at the point where I’m helping make decisions about future work. So, what do I say then? Have I collaborated with them, worked with them or performed with them?

What does everyone else in arty/blogging land think? I may be being a tad bit over cautious, but I really don’t want it to seem like I’m taking credit for anyone elses work.