There is No Script for This, 28th July

On 28th July I’ll be at Eastside Projects talking about how my career developed after my studies for There is No Script for This.


What do people do when they leave art school? How do you begin to develop a career in the visual arts? How long does it take to build momentum? And then how do you maintain it? ‘There is no Script for This’ brings together a broad range of arts professionals to share their experiences of developing their practices, from leaving art school to a point of feeling successful – however they want to define this. This fast-paced survey includes speakers who are artists, curators, project managers, writers and more, and is an ideal opportunity for students, recent graduates and emerging practitioners to hear how others have navigated the early years of their careers.

Speakers include Vanessa Boni, Ruth Claxton, Anneka French, Andrew Gillespie, Ben Neal, Antonio Roberts, Emily Warner, Stuart Whipps and more to be announced.

The event is free and open to the public to attend

Changing Rooms talk and workshop

On Thursday 21st January I’ll be doing a short bit about my involvement with the Changing Rooms exhibition that’s happening at Eastside Projects.


Please join us between 6.30-8pm at Eastside Projects for an introduction to ‘Changing Room’ a project by the Visual Realisation Unit at EP. With an outline of the project concept by lead artist Michael Magruder and EP director Gavin Wade, individual presentations by those developing work and a workshop exploring the technology that makes it happen.

Changing Room is an evolving mixed-reality installation that considers the inherent mutability and reusability of artefacts, concepts and situations in the Digital Age. Lead artist Michael Takeo Magruder will collaborate with Extra Special People artists Ana Benlloch, Iona Makiola, Antonio Roberts,Lee Scott, Zhao Wei and Selma Wong to develop a new collaborative space.

Blending the shared virtual environment of Second Life with the shared physical environment of Eastside Projects, the artwork will facilitate the realisation, curation and documentation of seven distinct – yet interrelated – art projects arising from a common pool of virtual and physical resources.

Changing Room is an experimental prototype for EP:VV (Eastside Projects:Virtualised and Visualised) – a new space for imagining ideas about Art. EP:VV will develop online, multi-user virtual worlds that afford new models for participation and representation of the gallery’s artworks and initiatives.

This’ll then be followed up with a short workshop on Second Life. If you’re one of the ESPers and have ever wondered about using virtual worlds in your work come on down!