Freecode at The reUNION

On 13th and 14 Jly I was down in London with two other members of Freecode to perform at The reUNION in Southwark, London. Although there’s a description of the venue on the website, it still pleasantly surprised me  upon arrival

Freecode at The reUNION 13-14.07.2012

Freecode at The reUNION 13-14.07.2012

A quick read on their website reveals that this site has been used by EXYZT (the people who built The reUNION) several times and has housed an orchard and Lido, amongst other things. Construction started on this project in June 2012 as part of the London Festival of Architecture

reUNION 06-01 00

The land, prior to construction

Despite being right beneath a railway bridge the space felt very homely and welcoming!

Due to various things the Freecode performance didn’t happen as planned, but myself and Alan did provide visuals for some of the parties in The Washing Machine Club (their cube-shaped club). Thanks to the EXYZT collective for their hospitality!

Freecode at The reUNION 13-14.07.2012

8-Bit Projection Characters

Visuals by Alan

There’s some more photos from myself and Big Richard C

Sunday 15th was brilliant

Freecode at The reUNION, 13th July 2012

On Friday 13th July I’ll be performing with Freecode at The reUNION in London from around 6pm

The reUNION is a new Public House, in the spirit of the 1830 Beer Act in which anyone could apply for a licence and open up their front room to the public, to sell – and even brew – beer from their own home.

It’s all free and will be going on till about 22:30. Directions can be found here, although it’s a 5 minute walk from Southwark or Borough Tube station, so should be easy to find