Club Fierce: Algorave – 4th October

On 4th October I’ll be back to live coding visuals for Fierce Festival’s Algorave.


And, as a special treat noteNdo will be making an appearance between his stops in Brussels and Berlin – all about the cities beginning with B!

Check out the Fierce Festival programme for full lineup and for more awesomeness happening at the festival!

Be algo-there or be algo-square!

Fierce Festival 2013

This year’s Fierce Festival starts on 4th October and I’ll be taking part in two ways:

Live Art in 2113

From 11ish on October 4th I’ll be taking part in a discussion at the mac where we give our thoughts on what we think live art will be like in 2113

Gif Party!

A gathering exploring the future and live art’s relationship to chance across various spheres in our lives as part of 2113, the Live Art UK Associated Gathering 2013. The public part of this day will involve self-organised clusters of conversations picking up on themes explored earlier in the day.

I’ll be focusing on internet culture, whatever the heck that means!

Get your FREE tickets for this event here.

Paper Stages

The previously mentioned Paper Stages book will be making its Birmingham launch as part of Fierce Festival.

Paper Stages is a project which saw its first edition launched as part of the Forest Fringe in 2012, and has two elements. One is the physical artefact, a book of texts and instructions written to inspire the public into performing their own works without the need for a clearly defined physical space.

This nationwide edition of the book has invited contributions from a selection of artists including Birmingham based artists Code Lee Barbour and Antonio Roberts.

The Guardian also wrote a nice bit about the book on their website.

Pick up your FREE copy of the book from STRYX throughout the festival. Also, take an old camera 😉

Visuals for 2xAA at Curious Sounds/Fierce Festival

I was asked at the last minute to provide some visuals for 2xAA‘s set at Curious Sounds/8 Bit Lounge as part of Fierce Festival on Saturday 7th April.

Here’s a short video from his performance

And another

calmdownkidder has loads more videos on their

For this set I loaded up the feedback loop Pure Data patch and another one that I’m working on for BiLE, All graphics from multiple patches are rendered in the same window which brought up some interesting errors. Below are a few stills

Talking to myself

Talking to myself

Talking to myself

And a close-up of the visuals in action

Lots of chiptune goodness happens regularly at 8 Bit Lounge in Birmingham.