Framing FRAME_birmingham

Co-directing FRAME_birmingham revealed to me many problems that I never usually face when working digitally. On screens, that are sometimes no bigger than our palm, we’re able to wander through a seemingly infinite space and control and change everything we see at our leisure with only the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

With the FRAME_birmingham rehange I didn’t have such control. There were no “handles” with which to resize pieces, nor could the size of the room be changed in a menu item.

This lack of control, whilst intimidating at times, forced me to take a creative approach to arrangement.

FRAME_birmingham under one roof

FRAME_birmingham under one roof

The wrap party / private view / knees up is on 1st March, 17:00.


FRAME_birmingham, the three-month long exhibition of artwork by national and international artists at venues across Birmingham, is now in its second month. Fade to Daft has been taken down from the Penfold Grange Suite of Hotel du Vin, but it can still be purchased online for £180. The next piece in that series, Plenty, can be seen in Birmingham Central Library, near the entrance to the lending library. The image is an image remix of the song Plenty by Rob Crow/Thingy.

Plenty at FRAME_birmingham

Installation of Plenty. Photo by Kevin Middleton/Clarke Gallery

FRAME_ birmingham

Plenty at Birmingham Central Library


If you’re looking for ways to spend your Christmas money you can purchase the work for £180 mounted and unframed or for £230 with a frame.


With the launch of FRAME_birmingham I’m happy to announce that three of my pieces from Some of My Favourite songs will be exhibited and for sale between 17th Nov 2012 – 17th Feb 2013 at venues around Birmingham.

Look What I Did - Fade to Daft

Fade to Daft, which is a image remix of the song of the same name by Look What I Did, is the first of these pieces to be exhibited. It is currently located at the Penfold Grange Suite at Hotel du Vin.

Photo by Elly Clarke

Photo by Elly Clarke

Photo by Lee Hassall

For those of us not able to spend £500 to spend a night in this suite, you can purchase the work online for £180.


From 6pm on Friday 16th November selected pieces of my work will be exhibited at a soon-to-be-announced venue in Birmingham as part of FRAME_birmingham.


FRAME_birmingham is an Arts Council funded, mac birmingham supported project by Elly Clarke/Clarke Gallery that sees unique and very small edition artworks by 42 local & international artists installed into a variety of businesses across the city as a means of bringing art to new audiences, new audiences to art and new contexts in which art can be shown. It is also about provoking and stimulating conversations about and around the artworks, by a variety of people in a variety of different places.

Launching at 6pm on 16th November 2012, frames will remain in place for three months, with work changing only when sold. will act as the mirror to show what is on display in the city. All work is also for sale, up to a maximum price of £750. Thanks to the partnership with mac Birmingham, all work will also be available to purchase via the Own Art scheme.

Yorks Bakery Cafe on Newhall Street in the city centre will act as the central hub during the three-month exhibition. Here you can find out more about the project or purchase tickets for tours led by Birmingham artists, curators and business owners as well as by members of the FRAME_birmingham team. And get your hands on some very tasty soups, snacks, stews and sweet things. And even drink some coffee.

I’ll announce on my website which pieces will be exhibited, where they’ll be located and how much they’ll cost once the project is publicly launched on 16th November. In the meantime there’s a launch party taking place at The Old Joint Stock on 16th November at 5:30pm.