FreeCode/FreeJazz video

FreeCode/FreeJazz was a great way to spend a nice day in the park! Thanks to all those who came down! 🙂

Photo by Minuek

Fierce has written a great overview of the evening and other events that happened at the Burningham space:

The evening saw the first live performance as a collective who were complimented by the sounds from Andy Sax (recorded with plan b) who improvised a live saxophone performance that included an injection of musical tweakery and an audio that responded to the atmosphere and vibe within the space.

This performance enabled non programmers to become absorbed in the audio and visual elements from a group of individuals who have collectively transcended their developing experimentations. The evening provoked a sense of intrigue and an exchange of dialogue between an audience that was exposed to the interactions and tools that are becoming instrumental for a new generation of artists.

And for those more visually inclined Minuek shot some footage throughout the night:

More code jamming to come soon!