GIFbites/Bitrates – 23rd – 29th May

From 23rd to 29th May I’ll have a gif and audio thing being exhibited online via Iran (yes, the Iran) at Bitrates/GIFbites


Bitrates is the first New Media Art exhibition in the city of Shiraz in Iran, curated and organized by artists Morehshin Allahyari and Mani Nilchiani, hosted by Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project at Shiraz Artist House. With a vision to create a space dedicated to emerging artistic practices, workshops, talks, presentations and exhibitions, Dar-ol-Hokoomeh Project (co-founded by Mohsen hazrati and Milad Forouzandeh) seeks to expose the creative community and general public to the potentials of new technologies and New Media theory and practice.

GIFbites is one of the projects of Bitrates exhibition (organized by Daniel Rourke). For the opening of Bitrates, a selected version of this project will be displayed in the gallery, followed by a complete showcase of all the GIFs for the GIFbites exhibition

You can view all of the pieces on a self-reloading page or, if you don’t value your eyesight, go directly to my piece.