windows.exe has stopped working

windows.exe has stopped working is about that moment of uncertainty when software begins exhibiting signs of an impending malfunction. The software stutters, glitches, begins acting erratically, sometimes altogether freezing with no indication of when normality will return. When faced with this hopeless situation the illusion of flawless technology is shattered and we’re reminded that technology is imbued with the flaws and imperfections of its creators.

windows.exe has stopped working was commissioned by Phoneix for The Idle Index

Late at Tate Britain: Spire

A night inspired by John Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows

Painted over 180 years ago and now considered a masterpiece, this event is inspired by John Constable’s painting Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows.

Join a mix of artists, DJ’s and creatives to respond to the painting and discover what it means to you today.

Salisbury Cathedral has stained glass windows dating back to the medieval times. What would digital stained glass look like? Join New Media artist Antonio Roberts to find out.