GLI.TC/H 2112

I was in Chicago from 5-10th December for GLI.TC/H 2112. As with the previous two years of the festival it was a really intense ~week of workshops, performances, presentations, art, pizza and copious amounts of alcohol civilised social gatherings over wine and cheese cubes.

As stated previously, I gave a presentation about AlphabeNt (coming soon!) with Daniel Purvis joining in from Australia via Skype. I’ll be writing/talking a little bit more about this in the future, but for now you can watch the presentation on the GLI.TC/H Ustream channel (from 1:20:00 onwards). I also gave a workshop in Pure Data as part of DNMw3rkstati0n::.

Everything else I saw there – and boy, there was a lot of it! – was truly amazing and inspiring and really pushed the practice and theories associated with glitch art to newer places.

Above all, it was really awesome to be in the company of friends I made at the previous festivals and new ones I have made over the interwebnets. Here’s hoping for GLI.TC/H 2013! 2112 Chicago

DeFunct/Refunct exhibition. Photo by Phillip Stearns

GLI.TC/H Fest 2112

Everybody VJ! Photo by Daniel Rourke 2112 Chicago

Jason Soliday. Photo by Phillip Stearns 2112 Chicago

D1THER_DØØM. Photo by Phillip Stearns

GLI.TC/H Fest 2112

James Connolly. Photo by Daniel Rourke

Massive thanks go to the GLI.TC/H Bots, Rosa Menkman, Jon Satrom and Nick Briz, for inviting me over and organising everything. ❗ ❗ ❗

Being a digital arts festival, there is no shortage of documentation. More photos can be found on Flickr.

▌▀▐▐GLI.TC/H 2112!?▐▐▀▌▌▐▀▀▄▄▀DIT.a▀▀▀Do▄it2gatherAGAI▀NN▀▀▀

GLI.TC/H is back for 2112 in Chicago and needs your halp! Spendy spendy spendy!

I’m not personally involved in the organisation of the festival this year, but I’ll be physically present in Chicago for the duration of the festival! More on that later

▀─█┐GLI.TC/H 2112; a new kind of monster

Education has always played a role in GLI.TC/H: from organized workshops, to performers informally sharing their hacked and homebrewed gear with attendees, to theory sessions over pizza.

As learning, sharing and growing have become central thematic nodes, the GLI.TC/H events are organized into “threads.” So, this year, we’re launching a new model. It’s framework is built upon participatory ‘threads’ (or classes) with different focuses, complimented by panels/presentations throughout the day and installations and performative share fests in the evenings.

GLI.TC/H 20111. Photo by Rosa Menkman

Threads were chosen through an open call for ideas earlier this year and are provide pathways for folks to dig deeper into the many realms of glitches. You can hop over to the working groups to join in on the conversations and help shape GLI.TC/H 2112.

Let’s make this gathering happen together again!

Executing GLI.TC/H takes considerable resources. [The GLI.TC/H bots are] reaching out to you (and your networks) in an effort to help amplify these efforts and make GLI.TC/H 2112 a reality.

GLI.TC/H 20111. Photo by Pete Ashton

Your donation will be use for the decimation of festival data, workshop materials, and resources for this year’s threads. Of course, the biggest incentive we can offer is you supporting GLI.TC/H 2112 in growing and developing the glitch art community.


█┐██ …

Pledge your support!