Algorave Green Man

An algorave is a party where electronic music and visuals are generated live from algorithms. The word was coined around 2012, initially as a joke, but has since taken hold with Algoraves taking place in over 40 cities around the world. At an Algorave, the creation of algorithms are brought into the experience of the music itself. This process is opened up by projecting the code on screens in the venue, so audience members can see how the music they hear is being made. This is often complimented by algorithmically generated visuals projected alongside the code.

Green Man Festival, 17th – 20th September

From 17th – 20th August I’ll be at Green Man Festival in Brecon Beacons to present new work, Mirrored, commissioned by the festival:

Antonio Roberts is a new-media artist and curator based in Birmingham. His practice focuses on the errors and glitches generated by digital technology. For Green Man 2017 he will create a new work inspired by seeing Battles at the festival last year. “Mirrored” (named after Battles’ first album) is a number of perspex cubes between 60 and 100cm square, each etched with his characteristic imagery depicting scenes from the festival. “Mirrored” is a development of recent work made for Short Circuit Project, Copenhagen. It builds on a recent interest in presenting his work off-screen and he will be working outdoors for the first time.

I’ll also be performing alongside awesome folk at the Alograve in Einstein’s Garden. Gonna be dope.

By the time the festival starts I will have been at the festival site for over a week so please send/give hugs and warm food plzkthxbai.